Hi! Hello! So happy you are here. Welcome to Blue Juniper. Blue Juniper is all about enjoying cocktails. This blog is the result of big dreams shared over stiff drinks. We have had a TON of reasons to mix, pour, and clink our glasses this past year… Moving south, buying a house, celebrating holidays with a new crew, attempting to scroll through our Twitter feeds without screaming, and binging our way through trashy television. It is clear that 2018 will likely give us many more new reasons to pour one out… so why not join us!

Amanda: Content Creator, In-House Cocktail Crafter

The brains behind the operation. Avid reader of cookbooks, crime novels, carefully crafted Instagram feeds, political punditry, and food magazines. No shame in the double-fisted game. Partial to a citrusy Gin and Tonic. Will try to incorporate #thefutureisfemale into any/all conversations.

Luke: Photographer, Cocktail Taste Tester

The tech behind the operation. Can be found elbows deep in a computer rebuild on any given Saturday. Google fan-boy. Loves pizza from a cast iron skillet, offering up chin scratches to the resident grumpy cat, and always laughing before he can get to the punchline. Makes a mean cappuccino and will cheers with an Old Fashioned.